What Kind of Country is Brunei? 1-Minute Commentary


  • Area
    About 5765km2
  • Capital
    Bandar Seri Begawan
  • Population
    About 440,000 people
  • Currency
    Brunei dollar (BND)
  • Land
    Located in the northern part of Borneo (Kalimantan), surrounded by Malaysian land
  • Citizen
    Malays occupy about two-thirds
  • Religion
    Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, etc.
  • Language
    Mainly Malay

Brunei is a rich country, but its area is very small and its population is only about 440,000 (2021).

On the other hand, blessed with natural resources such as oil and natural gas, Brunei’s per capita GDP is the second highest after Singapore among ASEAN countries.

Since independence in 1984, the King has had absolute power, but has gained tremendous support from the people.

Brunei has a good reputation as a tourist destination.

  • 7-star hotel “The Empire Brunei” with popular afternoon tea
  • “Kampong Ayer”, one of the world’s largest water settlements
  • ”Jerudong Park” an amusement park built by the king

The royal palace on the banks of the Brunei River is extremely luxurious and welcomes many guests.

You can enjoy a free treat for 3 days after Ramadan (fasting).

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