Why Do So Many Indians Live in Fiji, South Pacific?

Why are there so many Indians in Fiji in the South Pacific?

Do you know a resort called Fiji?

Fiji is a very popular island for tourists, located in the South Pacific Ocean.

The population is about 880,000, and surprisingly about half are of Indian descent.

From around 1945 to the 1970s, there were times when there were more Indians than indigenous peoples.

Indigenous peoples make up about 50% and Indians make up about 44% in recent years.

Why are there so many Indians living in Fiji, even though they are so far from India?

Fiji was once a British colony.

At that time, Britain sent many Indians to the island as plantation workers.

Around 1880, there were only about 500 Indians, but around 1916, the total number exceeded 60,000.

Originally, the contract period of the dispatched Indians was 5 years.

However, due to Fiji’s comfortable climate and high salaries, many Indians continued to live in after the contract ended.

In addition, there were many Indians who moved there for reasons other than work.

Thus, many Indians still live in Fiji.

Many Fijians are Christians, but many Indians are Hindus or Islams.

Fijians and Indians are at odds with each other for a variety of reasons, including politics, economy, and religion.

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