Is a Typhoon Clockwise in Australia?

Is a Typhoon Clockwise in Australia?

Do you know what a typhoon is?

A tropical cyclone with rain, where the maximum wind speed near the center is 7.2 m/s or more, is called a typhoon.

Most typhoons that pass through the Asia-Pacific occur in the North Pacific.

Some typhoons occur in the Southern Hemisphere, but in that case, head south to Australia and New Zealand.

This is because the “Coriolis effect” is generated when the earth rotates eastward.

An eastward force acts on an object moving from a low latitude point to a high latitude point.
A westward force acts on an object moving from a high latitude point to a low latitude point.

Due to the influence of this Coriolis force, typhoons born in the northern hemisphere move northward, and typhoons born in the southern hemisphere move southward.

This force also affects the direction of the typhoon vortex.

The direction of the typhoon vortex is different in the northern and southern hemispheres.

The typhoon vortex in the northern hemisphere is counterclockwise, while the typhoon vortex in the southern hemisphere is clockwise.

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