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What Kind of Place is Hong Kong? 1-Minute Commentary

Hong Kong

  • Area
    Approximately 1100k㎡
  • Population
    About 7.5 million people
  • Currency
    Hong Kong dollar(HKD)
  • Land
    It borders Shenzhen City, China. Consists of 235 islands such as Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories
  • Citizen
    About 90% are Chinese
  • Religion
    Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, etc.
  • Language
    Cantonese is mainly spoken, but English and Chinese are also often used.

What do you imagine when you think of Hong Kong?

  • Glittering skyscrapers
  • Lively and colorful cityscape
  • Chinese food and Cantonese food that taste and look good

Many people will think of the above.

The “Million Dollar Night View” you can see from Victoria Peak is very famous.

However, Hong Kong has not only the charm of the city, but also the rich nature.

Hong Kong was originally a natural port in China.

Hong Kong was ceded when China was defeated by Britain in the Opium War.

After that, it rapidly developed as a base for international trade.

Hong Kong continues to prosper as a major economic hub, despite major changes in the international community.

It is also famous as a financial city with an international financial center next to New York and London.

During the period of British rule, beautiful Mediterranean resorts were developed.

Hong Kong is a tourist attraction where you can enjoy all kinds of leisure activities such as city, shopping, gastronomy and beaches.

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