October 1

Increasing Citizens’ Anxiety About Hong Kong Police Force

Increasing Citizens’ Anxiety About Hong Kong Police Force

The Hong Kong demonstration, which began in June 2019, has exacerbated public criticism of the Hong Kong Police Force.

Demonstrators are not the only targets of police violence.

Volunteer staff and reporters who were there are also assaulted by the police.

There are many malicious acts such as blocking the rescue of injured people by medical staff and blocking the arrival of ambulances.

Such acts of violence were filmed by many citizens and posted online.

When a reporter asked a police official about this at a press conference, he answered they look like Yellow objects.

This word received great criticism.

Police do not seem to hesitate to use violence not only on the demonstrators, but also on the medical staff and reporters who rescue them.

And on October 1, a 18-years-old high school student was shot by the police and seriously injured.

“The young man had a dangerous weapon of iron, so he shot for self-defense,” said a police official. I insisted.

But what the student actually had was a plastic rod, not of iron.

Citizens’ anxiety and distrust of the Hong Kong Police Force has become irreparably serious.

Even if the demonstrations converge, trust and credibility with the police may not be restored.

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18-year-old shot by Hong Kong police in stable condition as students stage protest

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