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【Hong Kong Protests】Prince Edward Station Attack

【Hong Kong Protests】Prince Edward Station Attack

On August 31, 2019, a terrible incident occurred on the premises of Prince Edward Station.

On that day, Hong Kong police raided the demonstrators, injuring many people, including passengers.

Many health workers tried to go to the scene to help the victim, but police blocked the entrance to the subway and prevented them from rescuing the victim.

Hong Kong police received fierce opposition from the public.

A person, who was hit in the head with a baton and shed blood, and a person, who was blowing bubbles and fell down were broadcast on TV.

And, in order to find out how many people died in this incident, many citizens requested the subway authorities to release the records of the surveillance cameras in the station yard on the day.

But subway authorities continued to refuse this.

On September 9, police released 26 photos prepared by subway authorities and announced that no one had died.

However, the police did not release the video of the surveillance camera requested by the citizens.

Analyzing the 26 photos, it was found that there was a contradiction in the police announcement.

The three people in the photo were not on the list of arrestee.

This contradiction deepened the public’s distrust of the police.

Prince Edward Station Attack Commemorative Protest
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