【Hong Kong Protests】Young People Who Hate Demonstrators and Cut Ties

Demonstrations occurred in June 2019, and photos of the demonstrations and posts criticizing the Hong Kong government were posted on SNS such as Facebook one after another.

Violent images by police officers participating in the demonstration were also spread.

On the other hand, there was a tendency for Hong Kongers to unfollow each other on Facebook and delete their friend registration.

Conflicts between those who support the demonstration and those who support the police have intensified on SNS.

Although the Chinese government strictly regulates the use of the Internet by the people, the Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to use foreign media such as Google, LINE, YouTube, and Facebook.

Many Chinese who grew up with patriotic education and watched Chinese media news have critical opinions about the Hong Kong demonstrations.

Both supporters of the protests and those who support the police are recognized by the Chinese people as dangerous beings.

It is said that many young people unfriend or unfollow just because they are involved in the demonstration.

Hong Kong protests: Police officers upset at being ‘un-friended’ on Facebook

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