Everest Is Really The Highest Peak?

In fact, “Everest” gets higher and another highest peak “Chimborazo”

Everest is the highest mountain in the world, located between Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous Region.

In fact, Everest is getting higher and higher.

Everest was born about 60 million years ago when the Indian plate collided with the Asian plate.

Everest is 3-4 mm higher a year because the plate is still active.

The height was (8848m) as measured by the Survey of India in 1954.

According to a survey conducted by an association in the US in 1999, it was 8850m, but the current official data is 8848m.

Do you know the mountain “Chimborazo” in Ecuador, South America?

Chimborazo has an altitude of 6,310m, which is much lower than Everest, but it has the longest geocentric distance in the world.

The geocentric distance is the length from the center of the earth to the summit.

The earth is a sphere, but it is not a beautiful shape like a soccer ball, and the area around the equator is slightly bulging.

Chimborazo is near the equator, so it has a longer geocentric distance than Everest in southern China.

National Geographic Society: Mount Everest

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