Mercator projection

Mercator Projection: Wrong Common Sense on World Maps

Common sense of world map

The world maps we often come across are made using the “Mercator projection”.

The equator runs to the left and right in the center of the map, and the Eurasian continent is in the north.

This is a projection published by the Belgian geographer ”Gerardus Mercator” in 1569.

This type of map is suitable for voyages because of the accurate angle between continents and islands.

However, since the spherical earth is replaced with a plane, the area ratio of each place is different from the actual one.

The farther away from the equator, the larger the area is displayed than the real.

For example, Greenland, near the North Pole, occupies a very large area on this Mercator projection map.

However, in reality, it is only about a quarter of the United States.

The Russian Federation, even though it has the largest area in the world, is drawn much larger than it really is.

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