Bees Flap 250 Times Per Second?

Do you know how fast a bee flaps?

Bees flap 250 times per second.

Because the bodies of insects such as bees are so small that they cannot fly unless they flap at high speed.

However, in order to fly at high speed, they need strong muscles.

Bees have the following two types of special muscles called “flight muscles”.

① Muscles extending from the head to the abdomen (vertical direction)
② Muscles extending from the back to the tips of the legs (lateral direction)

These two muscles are in opposition.

For example, when ① contracts, ② relaxes.

Conversely, when ② contracts, ① relaxes.

When a muscle is suddenly relaxed, it then reflexively tries to contract.

In this way, the muscles ① and ② complement each other and move the wings efficiently.

This is the biggest reason why bees fly so fast.

Arizona State University: Bee Flight