Breakfast or No Breakfast: Final Conclusion for Diet

Should we eat breakfast or not while on a diet?

Have you ever heard that you are prone to obesity if you don’t eat breakfast?

It is said that if you don’t eat breakfast, you will feel hungry and eat too much lunch and dinner.

But this is likely to be wrong reason.

In fact, you don’t get fat even if you don’t eat breakfast.

There is no correlation between eating breakfast and gaining or losing weight.

If you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight, and if you burn less, you gain weight.

Eating breakfast will rejuvenate your brain and improve your concentration and memory in the morning.

Immediately after waking up, the human brain is deficient in glucose, which is essential for activity.

Therefore, eating breakfast will nourish your brain, increase your metabolism, and improve your work and study efficiency.

Rather, eating breakfast can result in more calories burned and you may lose weight as a result of becoming more active.

In other words, eating breakfast to lose weight is one of the wise decisions.

But that doesn’t mean “just eat breakfast and you lose weight.”

Also, it does not mean ”you get fat just because you don’t eat breakfast.”

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