Encephalization quotient

The Larger a Brain Is, The Higher the intelligence Is.【Encephalization quotient】

The bigger the brain, the higher the intelligence

The size of the brain varies depending on the type of animal.

The weight of the brain relative to body weight is called the “encephalization quotient”.

In general, animals with a higher encephalization quotient are more intelligent.

Not only humans, but also chimpanzees and crows are animals with a high encephalization quotient.

These animals make good use of tools other than their own bodies.

For example, crows use cars to crack walnut shells.

They leave the walnuts on the street and wait for the car to step on them.

What a clever animal!

Also, chimpanzees are not the only ones who use tree branches.

Crows also use tree branches to dig out insects from the trunk of the tree.

There are other animals with a high encephalization quotient that use a variety of tools.

Animals with larger brains are more intelligent.

It’s a very easy-to-understand correlation.

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