Infant Botulism

Infant Botulism: Why Babies Shouldn’t Eat Honey

Why shouldn’t you feed your baby honey?

If your babies eat honey, they may get infantile botulism.

Especially when babies under the age of one year eat honey like adults, it is life-threatening.

There is a bacterium called Clostridium botulinum everywhere in nature.

Natural honey, in particular, is high in this fungus.

Clostridium botulinum does not propagate in the intestines of babies over the age of one.

However, if a few months old baby, who is still low in gut bacteria, ingests this bacterium, he or she may develop infantile botulism.

When you get this illness, your muscles weaken and it becomes difficult for you to exert strength throughout your body.

By the way, Clostridium botulinum does not die when heated.

Basically, there is no safe way to feed honey to babies under the age of one.

Other ways to protect your baby from bacteria

There are two main types of pathogens for dental caries.

Mutans and Sobrinus

In general, caries bacteria begin to dwell in a person’s mouth from the age of 2-3.

Most of the causes are that the bacteria are transferred from the parents’ mouths.

When parents kiss, the bacteria in their mouths are transferred.

Adult saliva contains 100 millions to tens of billions of bacteria per cc.

Don’t give your baby adult saliva.

Nemours KidsHealth: Can I Feed My Baby Honey? (for Parents)

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