Sleeping pills

Sleeping Pills Do Not Kill You, However…

Dangers of sleeping pills

Have you ever seen in a movie or drama someone tries to commit suicide by taking a lot of sleeping pills?

However, even if you take a large amount of sleeping pills, you will not die by itself.

So why was such a misunderstanding born?

That’s because old sleeping pills were at risk of dying if taken in large doses.

Older sleeping pills were made with ingredients called “barbiturates”.

This ingredient affects the human brain.

Therefore, if you take this too much, your respiratory center will go crazy and you will run out of oxygen.

Needless to say, people die when they lack oxygen.

However, current sleeping pills are made with a different ingredient called the “benzodiazepines”.

It acts only on the emotional center, not on the respiratory center.

So now, even if you take a lot of sleeping pills, you can’t die.

But never do this.

WebMD: Understanding the Side Effects of Sleeping Pills

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