Tuna Cannot Stop, Earthworms Cannot Retreat.

A life you never stops

How would you live if you can’t stop walking?

That means you’ll always be walking, whether you’re sleeping or eating.

Such creatures actually exist.

It’s a tuna.

Tuna swim in order to breathe.

Normally, fish use a gill to absorb seawater and absorb oxygen.

However, tuna cannot breathe well with a gill alone, so it moves forward and takes in seawater into the body.

Since the body of tuna is spindle-shaped, it is suitable for swimming so fast.

Therefore, tuna swim at a maximum speed of 100 km / h.

Earthworms cannot go back.

Earthworms can only move forward.

Because, unlike other animals, earthworms walk using their skin.

The whole body of the earthworm is covered with something like hair, and moves them dexterously to move forward.

However, the hairs are lined up in a suitable orientation to move forward, so the earthworms will not fall back.

So, tuna cannot stop and earthworms cannot retreat.

Can you live under such strict conditions?

WWF: Tuna