Why Woodpecker Don’t Cause A Headache

Reasons why woodpeckers don’t cause a headache even if they shake their heads violently

Woodpeckers dig holes by poking trees at a tremendous speed.

They peck trees about 20 times a second.

At this time, their heads are impacted as much as they hit a wall at 25 km / h.

However, there is still no problem with the woodpecker’s head.

There are some secrets in the structure of their heads.

The woodpecker’s head has the following functions to protect the brain.

  • Developed muscle at the base of the beak
  • A soft skull like a sponge
  • Spring-like hyoid bone
  • A third eyelid that supports the eyeballs so that they do not turn

These features greatly reduce the impact on the head.

Furthermore, woodpeckers have not only a sturdy body but also advanced technic.

By firmly supporting the whole body with both feet, they can effectively peck the tree while suppressing the impact on the head.

This is the same phenomenon that the impact on the wrist is alleviated by hitting the ball at the center of the gut of the tennis racket.

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