Airborne Infection: COVID-19

The new coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplets.

There are also aerosol infections and contact infections.

To avoid being infected with a virus, you need to know how the virus is transmitted from person to person.

According to WHO and other countries’ announcements so far, the new coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplets.

When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the virus is released into the air.

If you inhale it, you may get a new infection.

In addition, the virus can be transmitted by contact.

You may also be infected by touching the doorknobs or straps of the train that the infected person touched.

The way the new coronavirus is transmitted is similar to a cold or seasonal flu.

One patient is said to infect two on average.

The infectivity of influenza is 2 to 3 people, so it is not so different from this coronavirus.

We do not have immunity to the new virus.

Therefore, the infectivity of the new virus is high.

In addition, unknown pathogens may be infected in unknown ways.

The infectivity of the new coronavirus is by no means strong.

In March 2009, a new strain of influenza broke out near the US-Mexico border.

This flu from pigs was very infectious.

The virus quickly spread around the world, and WHO declared a pandemic on June 1, about three months after its outbreak.

The infectivity of measles is said to be on average 10 to 20 people, which is very high.

The infectivity of coronavirus is not so high, but what should we do if we get infected?

The main symptoms are fever, runny nose, throat irritation, cough, suffocation, malaise and diarrhea.

This is also similar to a cold or flu.

In particular, the initial symptoms are almost the same, so an amateur cannot distinguish it from a cold.

This infection is called coronavirus pneumonia because it can cause pneumonia.

According to WHO, only about 5% of patients become severely ill.

So what we have to do is nothing special.

・ Hand wash, gargle
・ Sufficient sleep and food
・ Avoid crowds

The above “natural habits” are the best countermeasures.

Medical News Today: Airborne diseases

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