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Hand Wash Is More Important Than Masks: COVID-19

The best way to prevent viral infections, not just the COVID-19, is to wash your hands.

When you got home, be sure to wash your hands first.

Ideally, you should wash with soap, but water alone can remove a significant amount of the virus.

It is said that washing your hands thoroughly is more important than wearing a mask.

In early 2020, masks were sold out at retailers around the world.

But is the mask really needed so urgently?

If you knew how to use the mask correctly and how it worked, it wouldn’t have sold out all over the world.

This is a kind of panic.

To be sure, the mask is one of the important tools to prevent the spread of the virus.

But don’t be overconfident in the mask.

Gather information more firmly when you worry.

CDC: When and How to Wash Your Hands

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