Glass Is Not Solid But Liquid.

Do you know that glass is a liquid, not a solid?

The state of matter can be divided into three categories: solid, liquid, and gas.

For example, tap water from a faucet is a liquid.

However, when water is put in the freezer, it becomes ice (solid), and when it is boiled in a pot, it becomes steam (gas).

What does this mean.

Water consists of water molecules.

If the water molecules are regularly aligned to form crystals, then this is ice (solid).

When the temperature rises, the stationary water molecules begin to move and turn into water (liquid).

At higher temperatures, water molecules begin to move even more violently, becoming water vapor (gas), that fly around in the air.

By the way, do you know that glass is liquid, not a solid?

At first glance, glass seems to be solid.

However, glass is “hard liquid” rather than a solid, as the glass does not crystallize.

Scientific American: Is glass really a liquid? How can this be?

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