Leidenfrost Effect: When You Soak Your Hands in Liquid Nitrogen

Have you ever heard that it’s okay to immerse your hands in liquid nitrogen?

The reason why it is said that it is okay to immerse your hands in liquid nitrogen is that the Leidenfrost effect occurs.

With the Leidenfrost effect, your hands may not suffer from bass burns.

Of course this is very dangerous, so never do it just because you read this article.

If certain conditions are met, it is possible to immerse your hands in liquid nitrogen without getting burned.

For example, if you drop a drop of water on a frying pan heated by fire, it will evaporate.

If the frying pan exceeds a certain temperature, a layer of evaporated water vapor will form between the water and the frying pan.

That is why the water droplets slide on the heated iron plate.

This is called the Leidenfrost effect.

The temperature of liquid nitrogen is about -330 °F, which is extremely low.

The Leidenfrost effect also occurs between liquid nitrogen and the human hand, so it may not cause burns.

But this is a theoretical story, so nobody knows what will happen if you try actually.

Please never do it.

IOPscience: Leidenfrost effect studied by video analysis

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