amala and kamala

Amala and Kamala Tell Us How False Rumors Are Made.

Is the legend of Amala and Kamala a hoax?

Do you know the anecdote of a sisters, “Amala and Kamala” raised by a wolf?

In fact, this legend is likely to have been a fabrication.

The main rumors about the two are:

  • They were walking on four legs like wolves.
  • They run so fast that you couldn’t think of them as humans.
  • They learned people’s words little by little.
  • They died a few years after being protected.

The above episodes have spread all over the world.

But I’m not sure if this story is true, false, misunderstood, or exaggerated.

The reason this story spread was because the book written by renowned developmental psychologist Arnold Gesell was a huge hit.

His authority was so great that some people all over the world truly believed the legend of Amala and Kamala.

Johns Hopkins University: When I Met the Wolf Girls (review)

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