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Amazon River Is The Longest in The World? Or The Nile?

The Mississippi River in the United States used to be called the longest river in the world.

The Amazon River has long been with the highest basin area and average discharge.

This is because the length of the river was “the total value of the length of the main stream and the tributaries”.

Later, it was discovered that the Nile River in Africa was the longest in the world.

But lately, the Amazon River in South America is sometimes considered the longest in the world.

Why is it so unclear?

These huge rivers are branched into innumerable tributaries, so their length cannot be measured accurately.

Currently, the length of these rivers is estimated to be about 7,000 km.

However, the river with the highest basin area and average discharge has long been the Amazon River.

Live Science: Amazon: Earth’s Mightiest River

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