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Cup Noodles’ Global Miscellaneous Knowledge

Trivia of cup ramen that everyone loves

Japanese company “Nissin” sells various types of cup ramen all over the world.

There is “Nyamachoma flavored” instant noodles sold in Kenya, Africa in 2013.

Nyamachoma flavor is not the only rare ramen sold in Kenya.

It is common to grill and eat beef and goat meat.

Nyamachoma flavored ramen does not have soup, so it looks more like fried noodles than ramen.

Nyamachoma flavor is not the only rare ramen sold in Kenya.

There are also tomato, chicken and masala flavors.

Don’t you want to taste a bite?

Unexpected slang related to Japanese company ”Maruchan”

In Mexico, ”Maruchan” is a slang word that means “you can do it right away.”

This slang was born because the instant noodles of the Japanese company “Maruchan” are very easy to cook.

In the 90’s, Maruchan’s instant noodles began to be imported from the United States to Mexico.

Overwhelming instant noodle consumption in China

China and Hong Kong account for more than 40% of the world’s consumption of instant noodles.

However, the total population around China accounts for more than 20% of the world total.

In other words, Chinese people consume about twice as much instant noodles as the world average.