global warming

Global Warming: The Cause, Situation, Countermeasures

Impact of Global Warming

What will happen as global warming progresses?

Sea level rises due to the melting of Antarctic ice.

If all the ice in Antarctica melts, the world’s sea level will rise by 60m.

If this happens, it will cause enormous damage in low-altitude and populous areas such as New York, London, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

Everything except skyscrapers will be submerged in seawater.

The entire subway facility will look like an undersea temple.

About 80% of Australian private homes will be submerged.

But suddenly, not all of Antarctica’s ice melts.

In reality, sea level rises gradually.

Which area will be the first to suffer damage?

Areas below sea level, such as the Netherlands, Denmark and Vietnam, are dangerous.

The average tide level around Tuvalu, an island country in the South Pacific, is rising 4.3 mm per year.

Already, the flood damage in Tuvalu has become serious.

Kiribati is also on the verge of being submerged.

The Kiribati government has purchased land in Fiji to address this.

In the worst case, they are considering relocating the people there.

NRDC: Global Warming 101

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