Household dust

Household Dust Hits You Even without the Allergy.

House dust that is finer than you can imagine

House dust is mainly as follows.

  • Dust
  • Fiber from clothing
  • Skin and dandruff peeled off from the human body
  • Dead mites and dung
  • Mold spores and pollen

House dust is a very fine particle that can easily penetrate the interior of a house even with windows and doors closed.

The particles are finer and lighter than expected, so they do not easily fall to the ground or floor and stay in the air.

If you continue to use the futon without washing it, hundreds of millions of mites will inhabit it.

No one wants to dream while breathing in the air mixed with mite droppings.

And ironically, mites feed on our skin fragments.

However, the house dust is so small that it is invisible.

So it doesn’t get too serious and I have to clean the room well.

Mites prefer hot and humid conditions, so keep your room well ventilated and cleaned, especially the duvets and floors.

c&en: Tracing the chemistry of household dust

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