Organ Trade

Organ Trade: The Darkness of The Trader

In the world, human organs can be bought and sold.

Of course, in most cases this is illegal.

The following is an example of the transaction price of an organ.

  • Kidney → $260,000
  • Liver → $160,000 dollars
  • Heart → $120,000
  • Small intestine → $2,520
  • Binocular → $1,500
  • Gallbladder, skull → $1,200
  • Spleen, stomach → $550

It is not sure how appropriate this number is.

With such a large sum of money, it’s easy to understand that there are people who sell organs.

The problem is that such behavior forms the market.

The existence of sellers and buyers means that there are also brokers in between.

This is a very scary darkness.

United Nations: Organ Trafficking