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South Korea’s Surprising Trivias

One in five Koreans is ”Kim”

There are a large number of people with the surname Kim in Korea.

According to a survey conducted by the Korean National Statistical Office in 2015, about 21.5% of the people have a “Kim” surname.

One in five Koreans is Kim.

In addition, one in five people is concentrated in Seoul.

In other words, if all Kim gathered in one place, it would be the same population as Seoul.

It’s a tremendous number of people.

Not limited to Kim, the number of Korean surnames is very small.

The following surveys have also been announced.

  • 1st place … Kim 21.5%
  • 2nd … Lee 14.7%
  • 3rd … Park 8.4%
  • 4th … Choi 4.7%
  • 5th … Chong 4.3%
  • 53.6% in total

The top five make up half of the population.

So in Korea, we sometimes call each other by their full names to distinguish people with the same surname.

In Korea, eat wakame soup on your birthday

Korea has a tradition of eating wakame soup on birthdays.

Originally, the purpose was for postpartum women to get minerals.

They began to eat wakame soup on their birthday with a feeling of gratitude to mothers.

There is Black Day as well as White Day

Even in Korea, February 14th is Valentine’s Day.

In addition, April 14th is “Black Day”.

A man without a lover or wife eats Zhajiangmian on this day.

Zhajiangmian is a Chinese dish consisting of thick wheat noodles topped with zhajiang sauce.

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