Hamza River

Hamza River Is ”Largest” River In The World.

The Hamza River is larger than the Nile and Amazon.

The Hamza River is the “largest” river in the world.

The three longest rivers in the world are the Nile, Amazon and Mississippi.

However, there is a river that is wider than these rivers.

It’s the Hamza River.

According to a study by the National Observatory of Brazil, the Hamza River is a groundwater vein that runs from the border between Peru and Borinia to the mouth of the Amazon River.

Its width is 120 – 250 miles.

This is more than double the size of the mouth of the Amazon River.

The Hamza River is not as long as the Nile and Amazon, but it is clearly the largest in the world.

By the way, this groundwater vein is a very muddy stream, so it does not flow 100m a year.

The Guardian: Underground river ‘Rio Hamza’ discovered 4km beneath the Amazon

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