Jerusalem Is The Holy Land of Judaism, Christianity, Islam

Jerusalem is the ancient capital of Palestine and a sanctuary of various religions.

This is a sacred place for Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and a traditional pilgrimage site.

The significance of the existence of a sacred place depends on the religion.

In Judaism, Jerusalem was the capital of the Kingdom of Judah and had the symbol of faith, the Temple in Jerusalem.

On the other hand, in Christianity, Jerusalem is the place where Jesus Christ was executed, buried, and resurrected.

According to Islam, this place is where Muhammad traveled overnight to ascend to heaven.

At the end of the 7th century, Jerusalem was dominated by Islam.

There, the Dome of the Rock was built and became the third sanctuary of Islam.

Jerusalem is a very important city for these three religions, so it is difficult to decide which religion has jurisdiction over this place.

This issue is one of the reasons that complicates the situation in Palestine.


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