ADHD: Typical Characteristics of The Children

Do you know what a developmental disability is?

It is not possible to judge by appearance whether you have ”attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).”

And there are several types of developmental disabilities.

The following are the basic characteristics common to all developmental disorders:

  • Central nervous system dysfunction of the brain
  • Symptoms already appear in infancy
  • Changes in symptoms due to the environment

Among the many types, “Asperger’s syndrome” is well known as one of ADHD.

In addition, this syndrome is regarded as one of the “pervasive developmental disorders”.

Patients are not good at grasping euphemisms and ironic meanings, and often have trouble communicating with others.

There are other features such as the following.

  • Hyperesthesia
  • Not good at adapting to a new environment
  • Intense interest and insistence on certain things

But they look no different than others.

Contrary to their symptoms, their language and reading comprehension are not low.

Rather, if you are interested, some people will get great results.

Asperger’s syndrome has begun to be widely recognized in society, and there are now many ways to improve and treat it.

Have you ever seen a child like the one below?

  • Walk around during class at school
  • Can’t concentrate on the lesson
  • Can’t do anything else while they are focused on what they love
  • Leave behind or lose too many things
  • Become violent when angry

These above are kind of common characteristics of young children.

However, if it does not improve as grow up, the child may have ADHD.

There are many causes of ADHD, and there is no absolute diagnostic or cure yet.

CDC: What is ADHD?

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