alice in wonderland syndrome

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome: Bizarre Diseases in The World

The illusion that your body grows and shrinks?

Do you know the disease “Alice in Wonderland Syndrome”?

Patients with this disease may feel their bodies larger or smaller than they really are.

In the story of “Alice in Wonderland,” the body of the main character, Alice, grows and shrinks.

Therefore, it became such a disease name.

However, the size of a person’s body does not change suddenly.

What the hell is that?

Patients with this disease said:

  • Feeling her mother’s body is smaller than her body (she is a toddler)
  • Feeling like a mosquito is a few centimeters long
  • Feeling one minute as long as one hour
  • Feeling the human in front of you like a giant a few miles away

The details of this disease are unknown.

However, patients have the following in common:

  • Having migraines
  • Celebrity
  • Artist

Lewis Carroll, the creator of “Alice in Wonderland,” had migraines and suffered from the disease.

The painter Pablo Picasso also had a visual impairment due to migraines.

It may this disease that caused him to frequently portray people with asymmetrical faces.

However, the scientific causal link between migraines and this bizarre disease is unknown.

frontiers in Neurology: Alice in Wonderland Syndrome as a Presenting Manifestation of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

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