Why Is ”Easy Come, Easy Go” True?

Easy Come, Easy Go.

People tend not to take good care of what they can easily get.

But don’t you think it’s funny?

For example, compare the 1 million dollars you earned by working hard with the 1 million dollars yen you earned in the lottery.

Both are the same amount and their value remains the same.

Nonetheless, people value what they work hard to get, rather than what they get by chance.

What you get by chance in the lottery is easily wasted.

The reason is that people value the results they get by acting on their own rather than the results they happen to get.

This is called the “contrafreeloading”.

This illusion is used in various industries.

For example, this illusion is one of the causes of people becoming addicted to games and gambling.

There are users who addicted by the items that can be obtained by satisfying the conditions and the pleasure that can be obtained by defeating others.

All humans have this illusion, so at least be aware of this fact.

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