decoy effect

Whether You Refuse or Accept Is Known.【Decoy Effect】

Why is shopping so much fun?

Shopping is fun because you feel free.

On the other hand, when you are under control or pressure from others, you find it boring.

Please imagine.

When you feel free, you may actually be in control of others.

  • When you look at the menu at the coffee shop
  • When you are looking at online shopping recommendations

At times like this, you are a customer of the store.

It’s very free and fun to choose your favorite from the many products.

Instead of telling you to “buy something”, the store tells you “do what you like”.

Like this way, you probably buy something in a few minutes without feeling any pressure.

This psychological phenomenon is called the “decoy effect.”

Having several options encourage their customers to buy products.

THE CONVERSATION: The decoy effect: ho
w you are influenced to choose without really knowing it

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