Forgetting curve

Oblivion saves people?【Forgetting Curve】

Oblivion saves people.

Humans forget both good and bad things.

There used to be a psychologist in Germany called Hermann Ebbinghaus.

The “forgetting curve” he advocated is a graph that shows how people’s memories are gradually lost over time.

For example, 56% of the memory of this article you are reading now will be lost after 1 hour.

And after 1 day, 74% will be lost.

However, the speed of oblivion after that will slow down.

Everyone wants to improve their memory.

But forgetting is an important ability for humans.

There are nerves in the human brain that promote forgetting.

Because unnecessary memory is a hindrance.

Unnecessary memory may interfere with your judgment.

Feeling “not needed” for what you don’t need wastes the energy of your brain.

Forgetting is an important factor for a person to live rationally.

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