Hyperthymesia: No Sense of ”Nostalgic”?

What are memories?

Memories and memories usually fade over time.

But, there are people who clearly remember their past experiences forever.

They can remember the experience of decades ago, as if it were yesterday.

There is no sense of “nostalgia” for them.

That’s because no one feels “nostalgic” about what happened just a few hours ago.

This symptom is called “hyperthymesia”.

Similar to people with “Savant Syndrome” who have superhuman memory.

However, in the case of Savant syndrome, there is a tendency to remember information such as text and images once they are seen.

On the other hand, in the case of hyperthymesia, it seems that the freshness of memories does not decrease.

The hardest thing the patients have is they can not forget these experience, for example,

  • The sadness of losing a person you loved
  • Experience of a terrible accident
  • Memories of broken heart