pareto law

World’s 80% Is Produced by 20%?【Pareto Law】

There is always those who skips.

Do you know the ”Pareto law”?

This law suggests that there is always a certain number of lazy people in an organization such as a company.

For example, we often witness the following situations:

  • 80% of the results of the organization are produced by 20%
  • Only certain people work a lot, some people are lazy

Don’t you think all lazy people should be fired in these cases?

But this is not so easy to solve.

This is because even if the lazy person is expelled, some of the remaining people will be transformed into new lazy people.

In ant and bee societies, only the queen is reproductive and the others work hard to support it.

Organisms that are highly differentiated and have an infertility class are called “eusociality.”

Individuals that work hard inside and outside the nest are called “worker ants” or “worker bees.”

However, not all individuals are working seriously.

If you isolate a seriously working ant from one nest and move it to another nest, some of them will stop working hard.

Conversely, if you isolate the ants that were skipping and move them to another nest, some of them will start working seriously.

This is the Pareto law.

Why is this happening?

If all the individuals work together, one day they may all be exhausted at the same time and the nest may be in danger.

The nest cannot survive without constant strength.

They cannot interrupt the care of their eggs and must fight if their nest is attacked by a foreign enemy.

The Pareto law is an instinct of living things to support the sustainability of an organization.

Of course, it’s not a good reason for you to skip work.

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