Humans Also Gather In Lighting Like Moths: Phototaxis

Not only moths but also humans gather in the lighting

When humans are in the dark, they unknowingly head toward the bright side.

This habit is called “phototaxis”.

If you get lost in the dark woods, you will desperately look for an exit.

And when you finally find the savanna, you will be happy to head there.

On the contrary, people are basically afraid of dark places.

The savanna effect is used in various situations in human society, such as:

  • Toilet in shopping malls is often installed far from the doorway in order to increase advertising effectiveness and sales.
  • If you darken the area near the entrance and brighten the back of the room, the entire room will feel spacious.
  • If you make the tunnel in a straight line, you can see the light in front of the driver, so more people will speed up too much. Therefore, the tunnel is intentionally made curved.

Don’t you feel relieved when you find bright lights in a building while walking on a dark night road?

This is also an example of the phototaxis.

We often see many moths gathering around streetlights, but humans have similar habits.


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