Pygmalion effect

If You Try It, You Will Deserve of It.【Pygmalion Effect】

Start before you think.

Just before starting something new, people become very anxious.

But you can’t understand everything before you start something.

Without information, no one can make the right decision.

It may seem difficult at first glance, but it can be easy in reality.

Maybe most people answer yes.

Let me introduce you to the psychology of a person called the “Pygmalion effect”.

Pygmalion is the King of Cyprus in Greek mythology.

He was fond of the ivory female statue he made.

Impressed by his appearance, the goddess Aphrodite gave life to the statue and he married her.

Pygmalion loved her even before her wife was reborn as a human being.

As a result, he got a real partner.

In other words, the Pygmalion effect is a phenomenon in which an ability that did not exist at first becomes a reality when others expect it.

So when we start something new, it’s best to feel a little difficult.

Duquesne University: The Pygmalion Effect