Weber-Fechner law

You Get Used to Unhappiness And Tired of Happiness.【Weber-Fechner Law】

People get used to any stimulus

You seek happiness and avoid unhappiness.

However, people gradually get used to it, whether they are happy or unhappy.

Humans have the ability to get used to the pain and get tired of the fun.

You will be thrilled when you buy a new car.

However, that fresh feeling does not remain until a few years later.

On the contrary, you might even think, “I want to sell this old car soon and switch to a new electric car.”

This phenomenon in which happiness gradually diminishes is called “Weber-Fechner law.”

You always want something you can’t get.

This law cannot be removed from human psychology.

So the best we can do is to remember the existence of happiness that is always in front of us.

Iowa State University Digital Repository: Weber-Fechner Law