Artificial Breeding Water

Artificial Breeding Water Greatly Enhances Fish Farming.

There are fish that are cultivated in the mountains.

This time, you will see a new technology called “artificial breeding water”.

Why is it a mountain instead of the sea?

Before that, get to know the relationship between fish and seawater.

The salinity of the body fluids of saltwater fish is about 1%.

And since the salinity of seawater is about 4%, the water inside the fish is gradually released to the outside of the body.

This is because water has the property of moving from low to high concentrations.

This property is called “osmotic pressure”.

So fish have the ability to counter their nature.

Sea fish absorb seawater from their mouths and expel unwanted salt from their gills.

In this way, it rehydrates and regulates the salt concentration in the body.

Here is the main issue.

Because of this behavior, fish consume a lot of energy.

If this were made easier, the fish would grow faster and be farmed more smoothly.

Therefore, “artificial breeding water” was developed.

This is artificial seawater with low salinity.

The salinity of suitable environmental water is about 1%.

This is almost the same value as the inside of a fish, so it does not interfere with the life of the fish.

It has a salinity of about one-fourth that of actual seawater, so it can be processed more easily in the body.

Aquaculture using artificial breeding water is carried out in the mountains because it is easier to obtain clean water in the mountains than near the sea.

ScienceDirect: Artificial Breeding

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