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Big Data Changes Common Sense of Search Engines.

What is big data?

A “search engine” represented by Google is an example of big data.

You may have arrived at this page via a search engine as well.

But search engine functionality isn’t just about gathering and organizing information.

For example, search engines are used for economic research.

According to a certain analysis result in the United States, there is a correlation between “keywords entered in search engines” and “subsequent fluctuations in stock prices.”

After increasing the number of searches for the keyword “debt”, the stock price will fall.

Conversely, after the number of searches decreases, the stock price will rise.

This turns out because search engines are big data.

This fact was not found by searching with a search engine.

This is the first information found by analyzing big data.

If this is developed, it may be possible to more accurately predict economic and stock price trends.

Especially for investors, this technology has great potential.

You need the creative ability to turn 0 into 1, but don’t miss the new truths that come from large amounts of data.

Guru99: What is BIG DATA? Introduction, Types, Characteristics & Example

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