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SCMaglev, Chuo Shinkansen Will Be Rolled out In 2027?

What is SCMaglev?

Development is underway so that the SCMaglev, Chuo Shinkansen can be opened by 2027.

For that purpose, it is necessary to eliminate the electrical resistance during driving.

Therefore, a technology called “superconductivity” is being researched.

Superconductivity is a “phenomenon in which electrical resistance disappears at extremely low temperatures.”

To learn about this technology, we must remind ourselves of “Ohm’s Law.”

Ohm’s law is that “the magnitude of current is proportional to the magnitude of voltage”.

The speed of the electrons traveling through the wire depends on the magnitude of the voltage, because the movement of the metal atoms in the wire itself interferes with its progress.

This is similar to the phenomenon that when watching a video on the Internet, the video can only be played within the range that has been streamed.

Ohm’s law is a basic theory in electrical circuits.

However, that may not be the case.

In an ultra-low temperature environment of -273 degrees, the electrical resistivity of metals such as mercury disappears.

This means that current will flow there even if there is no voltage.

This is superconductivity.

In the same way as before, it is “a state where you can stream videos without a connection”.

If there is no electrical resistance, we can develop an electromagnet called a “superconducting coil” that is extremely energy efficient.

Without the superconducting coil, the opening of SCMaglev would be postponed indefinitely.

Central Japan Railway Company: SCMAGLEV

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