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Compact Disc Was Designated to Fit Symphony No. 9

The time of music that a CD can store was designed to fit the length of a particular piece of work.

Nowadays, the opportunities to handle compact discs have decreased.

The CD (compact disc) was jointly developed by Sony in Japan and Philip in the United States in 1982.

With the rise of CDs, analog music data has begun to be digitized.

At the beginning of development, it was considered whether to make the CD standard 11.5 cm (60 minutes) in diameter or 12 cm (74 minutes) in diameter.

A Sony representative consulted with Karajan, a global conductor.

Karajan then advised, “At least Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 should fit.”

Then, the standard for compact discs was decided to be 12 cm (74 minutes).

Britannica: compact disc

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