Contrails Are Exhaust Gas?

There is more than one type of contrail.

Contrails are artificial clouds that occur in the trajectory of an airplane flying in the sky.

The process by which it is made depends on the weather at the time.

First of all, are contrails really clouds?

Did you think it was the exhaust from the engine of an airplane?

In fact, it’s a real cloud.

There are two main conditions under which contrails occur.

  • The other is the type of “clouds over the mountain”.

The exhaust gas from the engine creates a real cloud.

Passenger planes fly at an altitude of about 10,000 m.

It is a frigid world with temperatures below -50 ° C.

Here, the water in the exhaust gas cools and freezes, forming clouds.

This is the same principle that your sighs turn white on cold winter days.

  • The other is the type of “clouds over the mountain”.

A vortex of air is created behind the wings of a flying airplane.

When the air pressure and temperature drop there, the moisture in the atmosphere cools and becomes clouds.

This is the same principle that the humidity blown by the wind and rising above the mountain becomes a cloud.

These two are the main reasons why contrails are born.

Contrails will not occur unless the atmospheric temperature and humidity meet the conditions.

In other words, you can forecast the weather by looking at the contrails.

For example, if a thick and hard-to-disappear contrail occurs, it is likely that it will rain within a few days.

Because it means that the atmosphere is humid.

Yale Environment 360: How Airplane Contrails Are Helping Make the Planet Warmer

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