Elevator Falls As Soon As The Rope Breaks?

The elevator accident is very scary.

However, elevators have various safety measures.

Here is an example of that.

  • Rope

The rope that hangs the elevator can withstand 10 times the expected weight.

If the rope breaks, the elevator will naturally fall.

However, when the falling speed becomes 1.3 times the usual speed, the auxiliary rope operates and the motor is forcibly stopped.

  • Guide rail

When the falling speed increases 1.4 times, the guide rails on the left and right of the main body operate and make an emergency stop.

  • Cushion

Large springs and hydraulic cushions are attached to the bottom of the main body.

Therefore, even if it collides with the ground, the impact can be considerably weakened.

Unless something goes extremely wrong, the elevator will not fall.

CBS New York: elevator accident

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