Microwaves Can Heat up The Food, Why?

Why does food warm up in the microwave?

Microwave ovens were first launched in 1965 and have spread around the world.

Do you know how microwave heating works?

In a microwave oven, high-frequency electromagnetic waves called “microwaves” are generated.

Moisture contained in food reacts to this microwaves and begins to vibrate at high speed.

The frictional heat of the vibration warms the food.

The speed of vibration is said to be 2.4 billion times per second.

When heating food in the microwave, you should not use metal bowls.

Microwaves are reflected by metal, which makes it difficult to heat food.

If you put a container made of aluminum or iron in the microwave, sparks will be scattered and it is dangerous.

Also, when using a microwave oven, microwaves are leaking to the outside, so stay as far away as possible.

FDA: Microwave Oven Radiation

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