Miura fold

Miura Fold , High Technology Like Pop-up Card

When was the last time you played with origami?

There is an epoch-making new technology called “Miura fold”.

Origami is a popular play mainly for children.

On the other hand, there are science and technology related to origami.

The Miura fold is a folding method invented by Koryo Miura of the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, the University of Tokyo in 1970.

With this technique, you can restore the folded item to its original state by simply pulling specific two points.

Also, it can be folded again by simply pushing it in the opposite direction.

The satellite antenna is stowed at launch, but expands when it goes out into space.

This Miura folding technique was ideal for the repeated opening and closing operations.

PNAS: Geometry of Miura-folded metamaterials

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