Singularity: AI Will Surpass Humans By 2045?

Will artificial intelligence surpass humans in 2045?

The moment when artificial intelligence exceeds human intelligence is called “singularity”, and it is said that it will come in 2045.

Today’s artificial intelligence can already analyze textual information like this website in detail.

However, artificial intelligence cannot analyze the contents of videos without audio in detail.

For example, it is difficult for current artificial intelligence to analyze videos of soccer games without audio.

In this case, giving the answer “soccer” directly is not easy for artificial intelligence.

However, a technology called “deep learning” has begun to make this possible.

Deep learning is a function that artificial intelligence analyzes the characteristics of data based on a huge amount of information.

Without this technology, people would manually enter every feature of their data into a computer.

Deep learning technology is said to have been created by imitating nerve cells in the human cerebrum.

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