Tuvalu Sold Country Domains And Paid UN Annual Fees.

Why a small country with a population of about 10,000 was able to pay the UN membership fee

A small country called Tuvalu sold the “country code” and made a lot of money.

Do you know what the country code is?

For example, the following is the country code of each country.

America → US
China → CN
Japan → JP
Korea → KR

If you look at this, you’ll probably know what it is.

Meanwhile, a US company focused on a small island country called Tuvalu.

Tuvalu finally succeeded in joining the United Nations in 2000.

The US company “dotTV” was interested in Tuvalu’s top-level domains.

Because Tuvalu’s domain was “.tv”.

The company wanted to own this domain.

Tuvalu has signed a $ 50 million 10-year contract with the company and paid the UN’s annual membership fee.

news.com.au: The island nation of Tuvalu is being kept afloat by its domain name

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