Canadian Armed Forces

Canadian Armed Forces Were Born on February 1, 1968.

February 1, 1968 is the day the Canadian Army was born.

On this day, the Canadian Army, Navy, and Air Force merged into what is now the Canadian Army.

The headquarters is located in Ottawa, the capital of Ontario.

The main missions are “pursuit of national security and independence” and “disaster dispatch and civil welfare support”.

The Canadian Army works with the US Army to provide collective security.

The United States and Canada have jointly established the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) to defend the North American continent.

Not only the United States, but also British and German troops can train using Canadian facilities.

The Commander-in-Chief will be the Governor General of Canada, who has been appointed King, but the Prime Minister has the actual command.

The actual command is the Minister of Defense under the Prime Minister.

Below that is the Secretary of Defense and the Under Secretary of Defense.

Canadian troops are under the Defense Staff Chief.

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